Los Angeles Net Solar Potential

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This graph comes from the LA Energy Atlas, an online system produced by UCLA that provides great insight into the energy consumption and the associated emissions in Los Angeles. It displays the Citywide Net Solar Potential. Here is what it means (from the site):

Net positive solar potential classifies cities with greater annual solar potential than consumption, while net negative potential classifies cities with higher annual consumption rates than solar potential. The maps and tables below show the spatial patterns of high and low net solar potential cities across Los Angeles County.

The map comes with an easy filter that allows users to select the type of building and the map adjusts accordingly.

This map is part of an interactive map and dataset that can be explored online. It is a great example of innovative and dynamic data visualization, and we encourage visitors to check out the website to see how it works. Make sure to use the links at the top to filter for the data of your interest, and click on different areas to see additional details.