. Sankey chart of embodied energy consumption by three major service consumptions (third column) and the service sectors (last column) in the six global cities (unit: Mtoe).

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The energy consumption embodied in specific service sectors in the six cities is shown in Fig. 3. The portions of the leasing sector are relatively low in Shanghai (5.17 %), Beijing (1.62 %),Tianjin (2.95 %), and Chongqing (2.16 %); while the leasing sector in Hong Kong and Singapore have relatively high percentages (8.79 %,23.20 %) contributed by their prosperous leasing industries. For transportation, the portions are low in inland cities like Beijing (3.57 %) and Chongqing (10.93 %), while high in coastal cities like Tianjin (36.32 %), Shanghai (15.27 %), Hong Kong (22.35 %), and Singapore (18.53 %).