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Created on Wednesday 1 July 2020, 14:32

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In October-December 2016, Metabolism of Cities ran a project around data visualisations. The goal was to explore ways in which information can be illustrated, take stock of work in this field, host online discussions and publish blog posts. Here you can find a list of the around 100 data visualisations that were collected. We want to update this with more recent visualisations.

General instructions

To add a data visualisation, first locate the image in its original context (generally a journal paper, but it could also be a report or website). Save the image to your computer and gather the necessary meta data of the original publication (author, year of publication, etc). Then, go to the UPLOAD section in the Multimedia Library where you can fill out a form with these details. That's it!

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Discussion and updates

New task was created

Since our volunteers will be dipping a toe in for this first sprint and will be limited to uploading should I create a few of these uploading tasks so that a few people can have a go at assigning, uploading and completing a task?

Yes, very good idea Kim. I have some that I located over time that you could make into individual tasks if you like.






Oh these are great! Thanks. I will make tasks for these papers specifically. I think this is ok right Paul? That way each upload is counted with the bot and this task can be completed as uploading a set of visualizations. What do you think? That's how it will work right?