Exploring just realities - A (so to be) podcast

Humanity is experiencing an era of overall injustice largely as a result of a dominant political construct where the global market resolves all social, environmental, economic, cultural and political problems. That, so-called, “free market” is frequently imposed violently as the rights of private property and profit (monetary/economic) undermine almost any other notions of rights (environmental, human…). Recognizing the Anthropocene as the era in which humanity finds itself right now, researchers and practitioners around the world are finding solutions to face the current social, cultural, economic and environmental challenges. Using inter and transdisciplinary research methods, researchers and practitioners are currently proposing and generating changes in different scales.

Using a podcast format, this (un)presentation invites participants of the AScUs conference (and beyond) to present their current innovative research projects and participate in a conversation on the role of academic research (focusing on trans-disciplinary methods) towards social, cultural, economic and environmental justice.

Having in mind that depending on the social, geographical and historical contexts, the concept of “justice” takes different meanings, this podcast will explore the different definitions of the concept and the actions towards a just sustainable society. Following the theories of Just Sustainabilities by Julian Agyeman, Territory and Territoriality by Saskia Sassen, and the approach of Circles of Social Life by Paul James, the chair of the podcast will drive the discussion on the role of research towards a most sustainable society.

The objective of this (un)presentation is to discuss about the emergence of an alternative political construct, one that resolves the current social, environmental, economic, cultural and political problems through the exploration and reproduction of our human and territorial capabilities.


Transdisciplinarity - Environmental justice - Human capabilities – Podcast -Territorial sustainable development

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