06 - Infrastructure

Video Recording

<p>Follow the steps outlined in the video to add data on infrastructure. </p><p>Where to get data?</p><p>Infrastructure data is hugely diverse and there is no single source for this type of information. Depending on the sector, you may be able to find information at the relevant governmental body. For instance, the department in charge of water may have a list of all the water treatment works in the city. Similarly, a governmental entity in charge of energy may have a list of refineries and power plants. These are often the best places to start. </p><p>What is often missing from these lists is the location. The best way to get the location is to go to Google Maps and to search for each of the different types of infrastructure. If it appears on the map, then you can obtain the coordinates this way. It may take some time, but by doing so you will greatly enhance the quality of your dataset. </p><p>Exporting data from Open Street Maps</p><p>Open Street Maps has a wealth of information and embraces an open source philosophy. We encourage you to use the website to extract data points, if you find that the infrastructure you are looking for is well represented there. For instance, all the train stations in a city may be available there.</p><p>For a great tutorial on how to extract data using Python, check out this article.<br></p>