10 - Sector Information

<p>Introduction<br></p><p>Sector information is used to provide people with background information on each of the sectors in your city. Examples of sectors are Energy, Water, Waste, or Retail and Wholesale. Sector information is incredibly helpful to have, because it allows visitors to get an understanding of how this sector works in your city. </p><p>What information to upload</p><p>You will be uploading text. You can write this yourself, or you can retrieve this from reliable sources. But before doing so, think about HOW to break up the sector in a logical parts. For instance, you can break the sector up by theme, or you can break it up based on the lifecycle of the related resource in the city. Have a look at other cities and how it is done there, and see if that makes sense for your city. </p><p>Each text should be standalone and must be properly referenced to any sources that were used.<br></p><p>How to upload</p>

  • Go to the UPLOAD section
  • Click on SECTOR INFO
  • Fill out the form. The title should refer to what topic is being discussed (e.g. Catchment Areas, Water Treatment, Policies & Legislation). Make sure you select the right process -- this is what will link it to the sector. And before you upload it, make sure you already added the photo and the relevant sources so that you can link them here.
<p>How to get this information<br></p>
  • Consult local experts from these sectors.
  • If you are an expert in this field, you can write the text yourself.
  • Consult industry reports. These could be reports published by industry associations, government regulators, or academics. Make sure to reference the reports. <br>

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