Sicher. Sauber. Nachhaltig. Energie aus Abfall

Stadtreinigung Hamburg holds 100% of the shares in Müllverwertung Borsigstraße GmbH (MVB) via SRH Verwaltungsgesellschaft mbH. It is one of four waste incineration plants in Hamburg. Since 1994, more than 320,000 tons of waste from Hamburg households have been incinerated "around the clock" each year using the proven grate firing technology. The energy obtained in this way is used in the form of steam to supply Hamburg's households with district heating.

The biomass power plant, built in 2005 as the third line, thermally recycles more than 150,000 tonnes of A1-A4 class waste wood annually. The CO2-neutral energy generated is fed into the respective Hamburg supply networks in the form of electricity and combined heat and power.

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