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Created on Wednesday 13 May 2020, 19:56

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In the previous website we did not save the date/year this was published. Please check (e.g. by going to the Youtube page) when this was published, and set the right date. (NOTE: 2021 was used as a temporary placeholder).

General instructions

Add tags, review the description, add a thumbnail if necessary.

Discussion and updates

Task was assigned to George Wieber

Status change: Open → In Progress

The video was published June 26, 2014 according to the Youtube description. I'm not sure how to edit the date for the video on the MoC website itself?

Status change: In Progress → On Hold

George Wieber is no longer responsible for this task

Thanks for checking George. It seems that the edit button does not work yet here.
I've changed the date in the back-end - don't know if you have access to that? Paul should have better answers for these responses. (Maybe we need to mark this tasks as non-public or on hold until the edit button works.)