Metabolism of Cities Multimedia Library

The multimedia library is a collection of resources for you to watch, listen and learn from.

Lectures, interviews, training videos, and more.

202 videos found.
Watch videos from this library that provide a narrative on Urban Metabolism in research and in practice from experts around the world or journey through the basics of Urban Metabolism with videos from the MOOC on Urban Metabolism for Policy Makers.

Podcast episodes from the Circular Metabolism podcast.

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Listen to episodes of the Circular Metabolism podcast hosted by Aristide Athanassiadis and Stephan Kampelmann as they discuss circular metabolism in theory and practice.
Data visualisations

Sankey diagrams, choropleth maps, system diagrams, and more.

Learn from visualisations. Visualisations are a novel way of interpreting the complexity of material flow analysis and other data-rich work into visual representations. Visualising data can not only enable to summarise big amounts of numbers, but it can also make it easier to share them and use them as policy instruments.