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Title Type Author(s) Year
A Systematic Review of Socially-Inclusive Food Policy in America Video Recording III and Theis 2020
A Trade Network Analysis Approach to Food Security and Sustainability Assessments Poster ABOLUDE and CHOPRA 2020
A framework for the metabolic relationships between cities and hinterlands towards circularity? A comparison between Nantes St Nazaire (France) and Gothenburg (Sweden) Presentation Bahers et al. 2020
A multi-criteria framework for assessing urban socio-ecological systems Poster Oleksandr Galychyn 2020
A multi-criteria framework for assessing urban socio-ecological systems Video Recording OLEKSANDR GALYCHYN 2020
Bauxite Environmental Impacts in Conakry, Guinea: A Case of City and Hinterland Confluences Presentation Lynette Widder 2020
Blockchain-based Online Information Sharing Platform for Improving the Resilience of Industrial Symbiosis-based Multi Energy Systems Poster Kumar and Chopra 2020
Cities as complex innovation systems: governance for mitigation and adaptation Conference Paper Daniel Gabaldón-Estevan 2020
Clean energy and low-carbon transitions on local scale: Towards real-time policy analyses Presentation Peters et al. 2020
Comparison of local and centralized biowaste management strategies – a spatially sensitive approach for the region of Porto (narrated slide show) Video Recording Weidner et al. 2020
Current state of sustainability research in cities Presentation Heidrich et al. 2020
Denser and Taller Urban Environments: Is it the Right Path to Sustainability? Poster Saint et al. 2020
Developing Neighbourhood Sustainability Assessment Model by linking SDGs and Five Capitals Poster 2020
Embedding equity into community resilience through data-driven urban planning Webpage Tom Logan 2020
Exploring just realities - A (so to be) podcast Podcast Santiago PEREZ 2020
Household Waste Management in Conakry, Guinea: Value Chains, Flows and Financial Models Presentation Lynnette Widder 2020
How Much Carbon Can Construction Materials Store? Poster Arehart et al. 2020
Identifying spatial patterns and profiles of electricity consumption in Chicago to develop tailored and actionable energy reduction policies. Poster Movahedi et al. 2020
Impact of Locational Choices and Consumer Behaviors on Personal Land Footprints Presentation Zeng and Ramaswami 2020
MANAGING GLAZING FLOWS IN SUSTAINABLE CITIES_ Presentation Presentation Jean Souviron 2020
Network-based resilience analysis of bus network coupled with road network in Hong Kong Poster Xu et al. 2020
Solution oriented LCAs in a geographical context Video Recording Anne Ventura 2020
Sustainability of cities: a multi-criteria and multi-scale assessment framework Poster Moscatelli et al. 2020
The Transformative Potential of K12 Systems Based Urban Resiliency Curriculum Video Recording Maureen Ferry 2020
The Urban Metabolism for a Smart City Policy Framework Video Recording Clement and Crutzen 2020
The role of crowdsourcing mobility systems in urban resilience Poster Borowski and Stathopoulos 2020
Urban Indicator Framework for Smart Cities Conference Paper Anand and Anand 2020