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Video Recording uploaded to the library

Created on Monday 8 March 2021, 08:04

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Hey Carolin, quick question. I saw a number of uploaded videos that seem to be the same ones I did for the other course, just another intro/outro. Is that indeed the case? If so, I think we should look into changing the structure a bit because this will be quite a bit of duplication in the system. And when you e.g. improve the description, the original videos remain with a more limited description. It also means our library will start to contain duplicate videos with no real difference other than cosmetics. It would be ideal if we could simply use the same video, and swap out the intro/outro in the front-end and otherwise leave the same single record in place.

Would this work for you? Any drawbacks? Do you expect to reuse other videos in future modules?

Hi Paul,
Yes, that is correct. I agree and yes, we do plan to reuse other videos. I had the same thoughts/concerns, but:
1) Main drawback is that it splits up the tasks weirdly and you have to do the whole video upload, branding, branded download, upload to YT shenanigans...and right now Aris and I have a good work flow with him uploading the branded ones to YT and me adding them to the mulitmedia library and as content. Quite easy.
2) Would we have to change the existing ones or only the ones going forward?
3) How do we add the intro/outro jingle?
4) The intro&outro image situation is still the same as you told me in the manual, right?


Hey Carolin,

1) With "you", you refer to me? Well my idea is that you do it, there wouldn't be a need for me to be involved.
2) We can focus on the future ones and only do the old ones if there is surplus time (hahaha sweet dreams)
3) You'd need to provide me with the mp3 file so I can configure this in the system. Do note that I don't currently have an outro song configured, it seems, so I'd have to see if I can build that in.
4) Yes correct

We can see if this works out... it may be too much in the middle of things to change things. But in any case going forward we can try this approach to avoid the duplication in efforts and materials, if we have another course.

NOTE: I just see there is audio played for both intro + outro so no problems there (item 3).

Hey Paul,
1) No, I don't refer to you. I meant "one" has to do all that and in that case it would be me. From a logistical perspective that is tricky for Aris and I, because often he does the videos by Friday evening and uploads them then and I add them Monday morning before class (10 am). I don't really have time to download and upload to YT several videos on Monday morning, because I also have to transcribe the videos, prep the homework etc.
2) Haha, yeah indeed. Surplus time.....haha.
3) Ok, cool.
4) Ok

Point 1) is really the bottleneck to this. In any case, let's set up the system (I will make sure to get you the various files) and perhaps it is more a distribution of tasks thing, so that if Aris does the branding, download and upload to YT, we can keep the same work flow for the rest.

Ahh yes noted Carolin. But... in this case given your current workflow I think we may just want to leave things as they are. The system for branding a single video already exists, but to make the same video available on our site with different branding will require more work. So I feel like it may be quite some work for me with unsure usage (for understandable reasons) by you guys. So should we instead learn from this and discuss it in more detail for a next MOOC and prep things on time then? If you're sure you'll use it now then I'm keen to work on this though.

I've been thinking about the workflow and if it is a video that we are reusing, then it is already uploaded anyway and then the branding etc. could be done by either Aris or myself, so it does give us some flexibility.

As for the usage, it is actually quite certain that we would use this, e.g. for next week, we will reuse another 2 of your videos and then highly likely more after that - I imagine that we will reuse most of your data processing videos. However, two possible drawbacks/complications are also that older videos, for example, the tree video which we will use, (1) has the intro already included as part of the video and (2) it is not a YT video, which allows for playback speed options etc. In the case of the 2 videos for next week, Aris has actually already made the intros etc. anyway, see your new tree video here.

I'd be happy to not have duplicated videos however and to help improve the description of the existing ones, as I'm adding their transcriptions to the new ones now, which I find very helpful to have. Knowing all this, let me know if it makes sense to set up the different branding or not. I have started with gathering the files for it yesterday here.

Copy that Carolin. Is it easy for you to give me a rough outline of how many videos you'd be replicating and by when? That may make it easier to establish if it's worthwhile to prioritize building. And ahhh yes I see those old videos won't work. Also one note: when you say data processing videos, which ones exactly? I haven't made MOOC videos in English yet (I thought!).

It's good to have that task in any case - be it for now or for later, so thanks for that.

1) Easy to say? No, but let me try :) For the rest of the CL data collection course, with 3 modules to go, we will reuse the stock and tree video (but Aris already made them = cut out MoC intro/outro and added CL intro/outro). We might use a part of the waste video, and the import&export one, see planning in "210111 MoC ALL course outlines/syllabuses" on the drive > CL courses tab. --> So actually only 2 more videos in Course 1, where this would be useful.

2) Also still for point 1, but on processing videos. We haven't fully outlined that course yet, so don't know exactly, but we toyed with the idea of using your processing videos and then make additional ones for analysis. Course 2 starts on April 12.

Copy that. Well in that case I suggest we look at the April 12 deadline to see if we can use it for those, that seems to be a good balance between how urgently the work would need to be done vs the benefit of doing it now. How does that sound?

Sounds good to me. This way Aris and I can also finish with our current workflow for course 1 and then evaluate how that went too. Would you mind making yourself a task for that then? Thanks.