02 - Micro Territorial Units (MTU)

Video Recording

<p>In this video we show how you can upload the shapefile for your micro-territorial units. These could be suburbs, postal code areas, municipalities, or other types of boundaries that are used in your city to subdivide the area. </p><p>How to obtain these files?</p><p>You should look for so-called shapefiles. These are georeferenced files that are used in the field of GIS, and they provide the location and shape of anything on a map. There are a number of different possible sources for these kinds of shapefiles. Have a look at the following places:</p>

  • The city's official website. There may be a section with maps, shapefiles, or a more generic "data" section, where you can find this.
  • The national entity in charge of boundaries. This could be a ministry or other national entity that manages local boundaries, and they could have these files available online.
  • If you are affiliated with a local university, there is a good chance that there is a department that mapping and GIS work. They likely have a library available, which may very well have the shapefile(s) you are looking for.
  • Have a look at Wikipedia or Open Street Maps. If they are able to define the boundaries, what are their sources? This could provide useful leads as well. <br>