09 - City Profile

Video Recording

<p>The City Profile (or Island Profile for Metabolism of Islands) section provides visitors with basic information about the city. The sections include Demographics, Economy, Environment, and Climate. These sections are very useful to populate, as they will provide visitors with an idea of what the city is like, without ever having been there or having heard of the place. </p><p>The text can be any length, but aim for about one page of information. Cover the most important aspects for each topic - no need to go into exhaustive detail. You can often use Wikipedia as a useful source for information. In fact, on Wikipedia there are similar sections available for many cities. If you use information from Wikipedia please make sure to take out the unnecessary details, and to reference Wikipedia. Always try to link the information to our interests: how this links to stocks and flows. When describing the economy, try and explain which sectors relate to physical material stocks, flows, and particular infrastructure, for example. </p><p>Here is an overview of the information that we recommend you include:</p><p>Demographics: provide insights into population changes over the longer term (50+ years), and take a specific look at more recent times (last 10 years). Try to explain what triggered change. Provide insights into how the population is expected to change in the coming years.<br>Economy: provide a breakdown of different sectors. Highlight the sectors relevant to urban metabolism. Provide some insights into growth or decline of sectors, and of the economy as a whole, and how things are expected to change. <br> Environment: what important natural spaces exist in the city? Or near the city? What threats exist? How is this linked to resource extraction / waste disposal? <br> Climate: which Köppen classification applies? How many Heating/Cooling Degree Days are there in a year? How does this link to the metabolism - does heating and cooling happen a lot in buildings, and if so, how? <br></p>