Data Processing Tour: City Boundaries

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Outline of the video

  • City boundaries are the third item on the list (after shapefiles and geospatial spreadsheets)
  • Exploring the maps section first
  • Whenever a dataset is processed, it will show the item next to it.
  • When going to the master map of Johannesburg, the master map does not appear unless it knows from which document it can take the administrative boundaries for the city.
  • Go to the administrative boundaries section to see if there is already an appropriate document, e.g. one on municipalities.
  • In order to tell the system which boundaries to select, we can tell it from which file it should select the reference space. That means that this document also already needs to be processed.
  • Assigning the city boundary is creating a proper linkage to a created reference space from a processed shapefile.
  • This can be done in a city's data processing section and clicking on "city boundaries" and then selecting the processed document in the yellow highlighted field.
  • Afterwards, you can click on "select these boundaries". This now loads the baseline map for the master map.

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